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About Us

We’re a group of researchers, writers and technologists, experienced in the kind of interactive dialogue that appeals to the modern, multi-channel, multi-tasking member of the Millennial generation (those that were born between 1982 and 2002). The majority of our staff are Millennials themselves, so we practice what we preach.

Our humble roots began in 2007 in Brooklyn, a comfortable neighborhood near the marketers, investors and media folks that value the input and insights of the Millennial generation. We've since crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and are nowadays calling Midtown Manhattan our home.

SurveyU has grown to include Ypulse, Inc, the leading authority on tween, teen and young adult insights for marketing, brand and media professionals. Ypulse provides news, commentary, events, research and strategy to those who market to and work with tweens, teens, collegians and young adults - and who wish to reach them in an authentic manner.

With all of our success and accolades, we're powered and inspired by you, the individual members of the largest generation in U.S. history.