SurveyU - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Users must be 13 years of age or older and must reside within the United States its territories and possessions (U.S.) to participate. If you are not yet 13 years old or the required greater age for information or data disclosure rules for your state, or do not reside in the U.S., please discontinue using this site immediately, or if, for any reason, you do not agree with the terms set forth by our Privacy Policy, our Code of Conduct, or this Incentive Statement, please do not participate in the features, activities and services that require you to provide your Personal Information.

Member Obligations:

By joining SurveyU you are agreeing to follow our rules and be an active community member. Please look to the code of conduct for more information about what is expected of our members.

Participation in Surveys:

We will periodically send you email invitations to participate in our survey. Although invitations will only be sent out to members who match the target audience for the survey or project in question, being one such member will not in itself guarantee an invitation.

Members who are invited to take part in a project will be reminded at reasonable intervals throughout its duration and no less than 48 hours before the project’s expiration date unless otherwise specified.

We will always provide you with an estimate of how long a survey should take and how much it is worth. For special projects, we will usually provide a reward value and a deadline, where applicable. Your participation in surveys and other activities is completely voluntary.

Participating in these projects will help make brands, companies and products better at serving YOU. Furthermore, by participating on our site and completing our surveys you can learn more about what your peers do and think. We share press releases and publically released results so you can understand how other students think.

How you earn points:

You will receive points for completing surveys and activities. The number of points a survey is worth is determined by the survey’s duration and complexity. Once you have earned 150 points, you can start to redeem your points for amazing prizes.

On average, our surveys are between 20 and 30 questions long and take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Occasionally, a survey will be longer or more complex, however, this is not necessarily a bad thing because this gives you the chance to earn more points!

You may not qualify for every study but you’ll still receive a partial reward in most cases so be sure to respond to as many invitations as you can!

Occasionally, we give members the opportunity to earn points through other projects: forum activities, online chats, mini-communities, and much, much more.

Lastly, because we value you so much, you also will receive 25 points on your birthday!

Not all activities will yield points. Certain activities (Check Ins and Quick Polls among them) will typically not yield points. Some surveys, such as those designed solely to determine eligibility for a project, will be worth a certain point value to be awarded upon completing the overall project. All projects with points values will have their reward value stated in the Invitation and/or Introduction.

For most surveys, points are awarded immediately upon completion. For special surveys and activities, such as activities which require a special submission from the participants or live discussions, points will be awarded as soon as review of the submissions has been completed, typically 24-48 hours after the activity ends.

To redeem once you have sufficient points, simply log in and go to the ‘My Rewards’ section of your member area. You will be provided with an up-to-date account balance on each page of your member profile. To view a history of your earnings and redemptions at any time, go to the ‘Account Balance’ sub-menu located under the ‘My Rewards’ menu.

What you get:

Points can be redeemed for various prizes, ranging from iTunes and Amazon Gift cards to PayPal cash. Please refer to the following table for a reference of point redemption possibilities.

PayPal Amazon eCard iTunes eCard
150 Points $5 X X
300 Points $10 $10 X
450 Points $15 X $15

As more reward options are added, they will be made available on your rewards redemption page.

Terms and Limitations:

Please note that your points are not transferable under any circumstances. Members found to be maintaining multiple accounts will have their points revoked and their accounts subject to immediate termination. If you have created multiple accounts, whether erroneously or not, you should immediately deactivate all but one to avoid action being taken on these accounts.

Members who repeatedly provide fraudulent, inappropriate or inattentive answers will have their points revoked and their accounts subject to immediate termination.

Please do not share your email or SurveyU passwords with anyone. We cannot be held liable for unauthorized or fraudulent redemptions made from your account as a result of failure to secure security credentials.

So long as you remain an active member of the community, your points will never expire. Being active means you have completed a survey in the past 12 months AND updated your profile information as required during that time. You will be notified via email when an update to your profile is required to maintain an active status. Failure to complete a survey activity and update profile data as required within a 12-month period will result in your account being deactivated for inactivity. At this time, all your points and data will be lost.

Issues and Disputes:

If you have any issues, disputes, or questions concerning your rewards, your best option is to contact us directly at or We will always do our best to answer you within 1-2 business days, though this may not always be possible.

Please note that we may not respond to other methods of contact regarding rewards.